“We are delighted with the new forms and anticipate the same process efficiency savings we have realised with FLM in the past.”Cheryl Chambers, Gloucestershire County Council
“Floe gives us an easy way to create professional e-mail output from SAP. It has been an instant success and I would happily recommend it to any organisation.”Adrian Clarke, Buckinghamshire County Council
“Stelo makes Fiori apps easier to build and easier to maintain. We are looking forwards to using Stelo for many more Fiori apps.”Chantele Smith, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
“The efficiency savings generated meant we were able to achieve 100% return on our investment within 8 months.”Andy Palfreyman, Gloucestershire County Council
“The end user has a very easy-to-use experience.”Stephen Butler, Amey
“The Arch Aquiller application is a cost effective way to produce a high volume of letters and was an easy first choice on the product selection process.”Tim Harvey, Lloyds Banking Group
“In addition to the features we anticipated from the solution, Arch provided more out-of-the-box tools to allow us to get the most out of our eforms.”David Firth, Buckinghamshire County Council
“A very powerful way to help us extend the use of intuitive forms capabilities and SAP software to staff using multiple environments and devices.”Christian Hauser, Transport for London
“The Arch platform provides a complete solution, encompassing every user touch-point. With Arch we have been able to address even the most complex of our requirements.”Rachael Boardman, Salford City Council
“Varo is already starting to deliver on its promises, saving time and effort, improving efficiency and reducing errors.”Steve Perry, Wiltshire Council
“We now have a fully automated, visible, streamlined, fast e-forms process fully integrated with SAP for both our AWS Personnel and Contractors.”Amy Duffield, Anglian Water Systems
“Floe is brilliant. Our e-mails now look very professional, which was easily achieved in-house without any specialised training.”Carol Howe, Buckinghamshire County Council
“With Varo we can be confident that our employee and manager self-service processes are absolutely streamlined and that we’ve kept pace with the latest that technology has to offer. “Gerald West, Serco
The great thing about Stelo is that you can’t tell the difference between library or extended Apps and Stelo Apps – a fantastically seamless user experience.Chantele Smith, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
“This has significantly lowered the cost of data processing and improved data quality.”Raylene Patterson, Anglian Water Services
“The launch of new e-forms on our manager portal was a major step forward for the company in driving self-service and delivering the benefits outlined within our business case.”David Fox, Serco
“FirstEnergy have successfully implemented several complex HR processes using [Varo] from Arch….Arch provided first-rate consulting and support.”Mary Beth Schutter, FirstEnergy
“The Arch team worked collaboratively with Council staff to provide professional consultancy services, bringing real expertise in problem resolution and developing the Council’s own capabilities.”Stuart Honeyball, Wiltshire Council
“Arch has helped us deliver super processes, and happier users.”Beverley Raine, Salford City Council
“The e-forms have been introduced really efficiently and have been adopted quickly”Chris Dale, EDF Energy